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How to Make Money Fast (AKA OGWU EGO) MONEY RITUALS for guymen


 There are employment agencies that specialize in this type of arrangement, and you can get paid at the end of the workday. The jobs you find through an agency can vary, but are usually in construction, factories, offices, and manufacturing. An alternative to finding day labor is to go where other day laborers meet (usually street corners or parking lots) and wait for employers (building contractors, landscapers, home owners and small business owners). If you go the non-agency route, you might get paid in cash. You can also check your local newspaper or internet classifieds to find quick labor gigs, like painting, mowing, or moving work. When considering a day labor opportunity, keep in mind that less formal arrangements could result in you not getting paid or worse, you getting injured without any kind of compensation.


Dig out that old guitar you never play, those CDs you don't listen to anymore, or your antique toy collection. Go to the pawnshop, put an ad on local internet classifieds, or hold a yard sale in front of your house or on a busy street corner (just display the item with a big sign announcing the ridiculously low price). Price items at half of what somebody would be able to buy them for anywhere else, and you may be able to sell them within an hour or two. You can also sell items online at web sites like eBay, Amazon and Craig`s list.Or sell something you made.

3. Become a performer

 If you can dance, play music, or tell jokes, you can probably get some cash by performing in public. But don't do this unless you are actually good at it. Put together a good act and find a place to perform. Give people a dose of live entertainment, and hopefully they'll reward you with tips.

4. Panhandle

A panhandler is a person who depends on the spontaneous charity of strangers for their survival. If you really need the cash, you might swallow your pride and decide to ask for help. Make a sign, find a good location, ask politely for money, and say thank you. Cyberbegging is becoming increasingly popular, and there have been some amazing success stories, but these are the exception rather than the rule. While there are some sites on which you can beg just by putting up a brief ad, if you're looking to make any substantial money you'll probably have to build your own site and invest the time and money into it to make it successful.

5. "Donate" plasma

Plasma is a component of blood, and the process is similar to donating blood. You're not permitted to actually sell your plasma, but you can be compensated for your time spent donating (and essentially, it's like selling your plasma). Your blood is drawn, the plasma is separated, and the red blood cells are returned to your body. You can make US$20-30 per visit and give plasma twice a week, but you must weigh at least 110 pounds, be between the ages of 18 and 59, and be in good health.Many college students do this to make extra cash. If you haven't been to the doctor in a while, this may be a good way to get a free health checkup.

6.  Recycle

One person's trash is another's gold mine, Broke because you bought too much soda? Turn the old cans into cash by bringing them in to be recycled. If you don't have your own cans, go looking for them in trash cans or along busy roads, especially rural roads. Call up several recyclers to compare prices. If you live in a state with a bottle or can deposit system, you may be able to get 5 or 10 US cents per container. Other scrap metals are also worth something, so if you've got a big pile of scrap in your backyard or you know of an illegal dumpsite, you can pick it up in your truck and anywhere from 1 or 2 cents per pound for scrap steel to considerably more for metals such as copper or aluminum.

7. Open a stand eg. lemonade or popcorn stand

Especially if you're a kid, a lemonade stand or baked goods stand can bring in good money in one day. If the lemonade isn't selling, or you want to diversify, sell cookies and brownies as well. The important thing here is to find a good location, like the main entrance to an apartment building, outside a shopping center, on a busy corner near your house, or outside one of your parents’ workplaces (if you're a kid; otherwise you might get in trouble).

8. Enter sweepstakes/magnum4D/TOTO

By choosing sweepstakes carefully, you can increase your likelihood of hitting the jackpot (or at least getting a few useful freebies that you can sell, as mentioned above). Search the internet-- there are even internet databases, some free and some by subscription only, that can clue you in to hundreds or thousands of sweepstakes. Sweepstakes with smaller prizes can be great because you generally have a more realistic chance of winning. Don't, however, waste your time entering a sweepstakes for a prize you don't want and can't easily sell for a good profit. Enter as many times as possible. The more times you enter, the better your odds. It's as simple as that. Before you send in a million entries, however, make sure you know how many entries the rules allow you.

9. Become a moving advertisement.

Creative marketing companies might be willing to pay you to get their name out there. Some interesting strategies that people have gotten paid for.

Turning their car into a moving advertisement; there are companies with bumper sticker programs as well.
Wearing t-shirts, clothes, costumes that advertise a business.
Temporary tattoos on the forehead, a pregnant belly, and other parts of the body.

10.  Search for money on the ground

 Avoid doing this too much – only when your desperate. Look by the laundry room! Often, people will leave everything in their pockets, and it'll come out when it's washing/drying, or it'll fall when you take it out of the washer/dryer.

How To Make Money Online Free!

Are you Googling ways to “make money online free“? I’ve created this blog to show you how to make money onlinefreefast, and easy! Contrary to what you’ve probably read before, you do not need to spend any money to make money online. You CAN do it FREE! So here’s the deal, I’ll cut to the chase and post a list of all the sites I’m currently making money on! Now there are alot of other useful posts in this blog, including payment proof, tips, tricks, etc. So be sure to bookmark this page and come back to go through the posts, but for now, you can click the following links and join to start making money with me!
If you do not live in the US (United States), then you’ll probably find more opportunities available to your country in this post: INTERNATIONAL PAID SURVEY SITES list.
Get paid to take surveys:
GLOBAL TEST MARKET – Earn MarketPoints per survey which can be redeemed for cash. Cash out after earning 1000 MarketPoints ($50 cash) via check.
VINDALE RESEARCH – Earn $5 – $75 per survey or trial offers (requires credit card). Cash out after earning $50 via PayPal or check.
PANDA RESEARCH – Earn $3 to $75 for each survey (some require credit card). Also earn 3¢ to 25¢ to read email. Receive coupons, discounts, gifts, rewards and giveaways, targeted to
your specific needs based on how you answer our survey. Cash out after earning $50 via PayPal.
OPINION OUTPOST (US ) – Earn points for taking surveys which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. 10 points = $1.00!
SURVEYSPOT – Earn points for taking surveys online. After reaching 1000 points, you may redeem it for it’s equivalent of $10 PayPal cash.
MY SURVEY – Owned by Lightspeed Research Ltd, earn between 10 and 200 points for completed surveys. Redeem your points for cash, prizes or charity donations when you have earned 1,000 or more (1,000 points = $10.00).
MINDFIELD ONLINE – Earn $1 – $5+ for each survey completed. Minimum cashout only $5. Pays via PayPal as well as check.
TOLUNA – Earn points for taking surveys and participating in polls, etc. which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Get 500 points free for joining!
SURVEYSAVVY – Get paid cash per survey. No cash out limit. Payments made via check.
VALUED OPINIONS – Get paid cash per survey. Cash out after earning $20, via Amazon or other giftcards.
SURVEYHEAD – Get paid cash per survey. Minimum cash out set at $10 (for magazine subscriptions). $25 for cash via Paypal.
CASHCRATE.COM – Get paid to complete free and trial offers, daily surveys, play games, watch videos, check in, and several other activities. Minimum cash out set at $20 via check (or direct deposit to silver+ members).
SQUISHY CASH – Get paid to complete free and trial offers, daily surveys, play games, click ads, and several other activities. Minimum cash out set at $20. Payments made by check, PayPal, Amazon, etc.
DOLLAR CLICK OR SIGN UP – Get paid to complete free and trial offers, daily surveys, play games, click ads, and several other activities. Minimum cash out set at $1! Payments made by check, PayPal, Amazon, etc.
PINECONE RESEARCH – Get paid to complete surveys and try products free. $3 per survey completed. Payments made by check or PayPal.
Get paid to search:
SWAGBUCKS – Earn digital dollars for searching or other activities which can be redeemed for cash, giftcards, and prizes.
ZOOMBUCKS – Earn digital dollars for searching or other activities which can be redeemed for cash, giftcards, and prizes.
iRAZOO – Use the search engine to search normally, and rate and comment on sites to earn points which can be redeemed for giftcards!
BLINGO – Search and win giftcards and prizes instantly!
Get paid to write articles:
ASSOCIATED CONTENT – Get paid per article submitted, and then earn via impressions over time.
SQUIDOO – Get paid a portion of the revenue your lens generate.
TEXTBROKER – Browse work and choose which assignment you would like to take on. Get paid per article submitted.
HUBPAGES – Earn from Google AdSense, Kontera, and the eBay and Amazon Affiliates program through your hubs.
Get paid to click:
YOUDATA – Get paid up to $0.25 per click! No minimum cash outs. Payments sent every Friday via PayPal.
Get paid to play games:
WINSTER.COM – Play games like slots and bingo, and trade pieces with friends. Accumulate points which can be redeemed for prizes and giftcards.
Get paid to download apps:
APPREDEEM – Earn points for apps to your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, which can be redeemed for giftcards or cash via Paypal. Use code “studycafe” for extra points after signing up!
Make Money On Facebook:
CLOUDCROWD – A facebook app, where you can browse and complete various tasks such as editing articles, research work, etc. and get paid via PayPal. No minimum cash out. Payments made regularly.
CROWDTAP – Use your Facebook account to register, then work your way up the various levels by completing simple tasks such as taking part in polls, surveys, discussions, etc. Earn $10 and cash out for an Amazon gift card.
Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:
MAXBOUNTY – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Payments made after earning $50, via PayPal or check, on a NET 15 basis.
LOGICAL MEDIA – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Payments are made 60 days after a month’s accrual of $100.

SHARE A SALE – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Payments are sent out via Check or Direct Deposit, on the 20th of every month for the previous month’s commission. Minimum cash out set at $50.
MARKET LEVERAGE – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Pays monthly via check or Direct Deposit. Minimum cash out is $25.
Make Money Blogging:
GOOGLE ADSENSE – Get paid based on clicks and impressions of ads placed on your blog or site by Google.
Sites To Save Money Online Via Coupons And Discounts:
GROUPON – Get big savings on 1 deal a day.
LIVING SOCIAL – Save a lot of money on Daily Deals.
TIPPR – Daily Deals; up to 90% off!
EBATES.COM – Get cash back from shopping at some of your favorite sites.
SNIQUEAWAY.COM – Get the best hotel and travel deals online to 4 and 5 star hotels!
ZULILY.COM – A site designed specifically for moms, kids and babies. Save money on brand name clothes, toys and much more.
NO MORE RACK – 8 deals a day on brand name items marked down to only a few bucks! Flat $2 rate on shipping per item.
Sites to enter and WIN some cash:
GREAT AMERICAN PHOTO CONTEST – Enter photos of your cute kids for a chance to win.
PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE – As seen on TV, publishers clearing house gives out tons of cash free! Enter for your chance to win.
Search For Jobs In Your Area:
iHIRENOW.COM – Search your area for jobs available.
SNAGAJOB.COM – Find jobs available in your area by searching online.
P.S. This is a sticky post. As in, it will never move. For updates on my earnings, explanations of how these sites work, and other stuff, check the posts under this! :)
Here is a list of survey sites available to international members from countries outside of the United States. This list will be edited according as time goes on. Also, bare in mind that since I do live in the US, it is impossible for me to try these international sites myself, to prove that they are legit. They are all supposed to be 100% free to join, however, please read the FAQs before signing up!
Please look for your country and join using the appropriate link.

Join Toluna and get rewarded to test products and give your opinions. Reward partners include, HMV, CD Wow and much more. Sign-up is free. Give your opinion and win!!!

Opinion Outpost
Get paid to give your opinion. Surfers who sign-up to Opinion Outpost can receive cash and prizes just for giving their thoughts.

Sign up to take surveys for MySurvey and earn points, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, or online gift certificates.

Global Test Market
Global Test Market is a community of people across the world who complete online surveys for the largest market research firms. Surfers sign up to be paid to fill out surveys from a globally recognized and trusted brand.

Surfers who sign-up to Ipsos and give their opinion can earn points and redeem them for cash, gift cards, and even donate for charitable causes.

AIP Surveys
Hey everyone, I’m back from vacation and trying to get a move on with the blogging scene. It’s been a while since I’ve done a total earnings post for the month, in fact my last one was for the month of May. So today I’m going to post all the proof of payments I’ve received in June and July of 2011, and tally up my earnings for those two months!
Here are screenshots of all the payments I’ve received in the past two months.
cashcrate not a scam, proof of payment, cashcrate check
June and July Payments from Cashcrate.
google adsense payment proof
Payment in June from Google Adsense.
paypal money, cash in paypal account, payment proofs
PayPal Payments for the month of June.
irazoo, free amazon giftcards,
10 $5 Amazon GiftCards received from iRazoo in June.
free amazon giftcards, swagbucks,
Amazon Giftcards from Swagbucks for June And July.
zoombucks, free amazon giftcards,
Amazon Giftcards from Zoombucks for June And July.
free amazon giftcards online,
Amazon Giftcards from DollarClickOrSignUp for redeeming ClickItCoins in July.
paypal payments proof,
Paypal Payments received in July.
From the screenshots above (click on images for larger view, they open in a new window), my earnings for June are as follows:
Cashcrate: $216.79
Google Adsense: $110 (approximated due to Google Adsense’s policy)
MaxBounty: $547.55 (there are 4 separate payments because MaxBounty now pays me on a weekly basis instead of monthly).
Cloud Crowd: $0.73 (only referral earnings, I haven’t done any work here myself in a while!)
YouData: $6.01
AppRedeem: $0.50
MindField Online Internet Panel (McMillion Research): $5
Pinecone Research (Panel Payment): $3
Dollar Click or Sign Up (Simple Online Media): $16.60
Private Advertising (d___ g___, E___ I___ S___, and K___ J___, are all private individuals who have purchased advertising from me in June. Their names have been blocked out for privacy reasons): $42.74
Squishy Cash: $36.96
Apparang (W3i Mobile Solutions, LLC, who have discontinued their servicefrom June 30th, paid off all their outstanding debts to their members): $1.38
iRazoo: $50 in Amazon Gift Cards (I sorta signed up and forgot about this site for a while, but logged in to find that I had accumulated enough points from referrals to cash out for 10 $5 Amazon Gift Cards! Earn up to 150points per day for searching and commenting and rating sites).
Swagbucks: $20 in Amazon Gift Cards
Zoombucks: $40 in Amazon Gift Cards
Total Earnings In June = $1097.26!
This is the ultimate best I’ve done since I began making money online. I finally hit the 1K mark in a month! Even though I know this doesn’t mean I will be making this month every month from here on, it is definitely enough motivation to keep me going with this blog and making money online, even when things get tough. I hope it is enough inspiration for you as it is for me, knowing that it CAN be done, starting from scratch, without any knowledge or experience about making money online. All it takes is some hard work and perseverance.
Okay, let’s move on to July’s earnings:
Cashcrate: $199.10
Swagbucks: $20 in Amazon Gift Cards
Zoombucks: $30 in Amazon Gift Cards
YouData: $6.82
Cloud Crowd: $8.76 (ONLY from referrals. I haven’t done any work here myself in a long time. However, if I can make this much just from referrals, whoever is doing the actual work themself is making quite an earnings from this site! For those that aren’t sure what CloudCrowd is, it’s an application on Facebook that provides freelance work to it’s members. It’s 100% free to join, and you work online doing things like editing, proof reading, etc, and you get paid via PayPal. For more information, read How To Make Money On Facebook With Cloud Crowd).
MaxBounty: $621.15
Pinecone Research Panel Payment: $3
Squidoo: $11.48
Dollar Click or Sign Up Simple Online Media: $25.37 + $20 in Amazon Gift Cards
Total Earnings In July = $945.68!
It’s not $1000+ like in June but it’s very close! I’m extremely satisfied with my earnings in both June and July, especially considering the fact that I’ve been so super busy moving into this new house, doing renovations, going on vacation an entire week, trying to get registered and back in college, among all the other things like full time work and doing my daily duties as a wife. I can honestly say I feel accomplished. Within the two years and more that I’ve been making money online, never have I made over $1000 in one month so this is definitely a milestone for me.
My goals for the following months will be to maintain these earnings, and possible even increase them. It will be a challenge, but I believe I can do it if I put my mind to it.
These payments bring my total earnings online to $16,322.05!
Have a great weekend guys!
That’s right, after a month of running around like a headless chicken from trying to start back school, to moving into a new house, to learning how to drive, to trying to get in shape, while still holding down a full time job and house duties as well, it’s finally time that I’ve decided I need a vacation! And when I tell you I need it, boy do I need it! So hubby and I are leaving tomorrow morning, heading to my home country of Trinidad and Tobago, and I shall be back in a little more than a week on August 1st!
Just wanted to give you guys a heads up because I know I haven’t been updating as much when it comes to making money online. I haven’t written any new informational posts, haven’t done my total earnings update for June, and everything in between. So I promise I will definitely attend to all those matters when I get back from vacation.
I again want to publicly thank all my readers, all the new ones that find my blog every day and send me little compliments on how my blog has been helping them. As well as all the old ones that have stuck with me throughout the years motivating me to do better each time. Thank you guys, your support means a lot to me!
With moving into the new house, I’ve also been drained financially as well. Almost everything in this house had to be redone and I had to spend quite a lot from my savings. However, this blog and the money I make from it, has definitely been a HUGE help! In the next few months before 2011 ends, I will try my best to take it up a step further and increase my earnings; hopefully time allows me to do that.
Well see you guys when I get back! June and July has been awesome for me when it comes to earnings, so be sure to stay tuned to see how much money I made online in those months!
Hope everyone’s having a great summer!
no more rack, save money shopping online, daily deals websiteI’ve talked about this site just a couple times before but I think it’s worth another mention. If you haven’t heard before, then you’re in for a treat! I know you came to this blog looking for ways to make money online, but who doesn’t like to save money as well!
We all shop, whether you do it often or not. is an awesome site that offers you 8 deals every day starting at 12pm noon with a flat shipping rate of $2 per item! These range from electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, cookware, toys, and basically anything you can think of. I’ve been addicted to their site since I’ve discovered them, and even if I don’t buy every day, it’s always fun to see what they have on sale! After you sign up, like their Facebook page for updates and sneak peeks at their daily deals.
Sign up at and use the Promo Code P1070 and get a free $10 gift card! (Good for purchase over $20 or more).
They have been featured on several tv channels, including “The Talk” on CBS, “The View” on ABC, USA Today, Country Living, The Miami Herald, The Martha Stewart Show, House Beautiful, and
They have also recently started accepted PayPal Express Checkout!
I’ve bought SEVERAL things from them in the past, saving me a bunch of cash!
Below you can see my order history.
no more rack, save money, make money online
I am positive you’ll be just as addicted to this site as I am.
I received the following email from Apparang the other day. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Apparang, it’s a site that paid you to download apps to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
As of June 30th, 2011 the Apperang service has been discontinued. The service closes one year after making its initial debut. We are thankful to our tens of thousands of members that have showed their support throughout the past year. The company operating Apperang, W3i Mobile Solutions, is alive and well but the service is being discontinued due to unforeseen market challenges.
A final payment has been issued to all active members that had a current balance of at least $0.01. Payments have been issued to the PayPal address associated with the member’s Apperang account or to the email address associated with the member’s account when a PayPal address did not exist (see *Note for details).
*Note: If no PayPal address has been linked to a member’s Apperang account, then the payment will be sent to the email address associated with the member’s Apperang account. A member can then claim their payment by adding this email address to an existing PayPal account or by creating a new PayPal account and linking it to this email address. Members will have 30 days to claim their payment before it is canceled automatically by PayPal.
Looking for another way to get great apps for free? Check-out our AppAllStar service that features a new FREE app every day!
Team Apperang
Email: support
After this email was sent, I did receive my final payment from Apparang which you can see in the screenshot below.
get paid to download apps, apparang closed
For whatever reason, I’m guessing they weren’t as profitable as they thought they would be, Apparang decided to shut down. This kind of thing happens all the time with new sites so it’s no shock to me.
For those of you still interested in getting paid to download apps to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can join which is another free site that will pay you to download apps.
Apparang will now be removed from my list of ways to make money online.

Mama Bought A House!

June 22nd, 2011
Well not my mama at least. My husband’s mom has invested in a house and it somehow became the master plan that we all occupy various floors and pay the mortgage. So basically, I’m moving…. again. We have to be out by the end of the month, this month, the next few days!
I’m actually in bed right now, about to pass out. But I wanted my readers to know the cause of my absence lately.
Besides packing up and moving, the house basically needs an entire make over, so that’s how I’ve been spending my days the past week… working on the house.
I’m also probably going to start back school this summer to finish up my Bachelors in Accounting.
So as you can see, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew for now.
So while I do continue to make money online, I might not be so quick to update about it for a while.
Also, I do get all your comments, messages, emails, etc… about link exchanges, new sites to make money, questions, ad purchases etc, and I will reply to them as soon as I can! I promise! I just haven’t had much time to breathe lately so bear with me.
Happy June! We’re already six months into the year 2011! Doesn’t the time seem to just fly by? I got a few days off from work this week so I decided to focus on some online work. I know I haven’t been as active posting on this make money online blog as I would like to be, recording every single little detail as it happened, but it’s a challenge for me to find enough hours in the day sometimes. With my full time job, being a wife, and the start of summer here in NYC, I also enjoy having a life outside of the Internet. I’ve even been considering going back to school soon to finish up my degree, so that should keep me even busier!
Anyway, enough rambling about me, and let’s get down to what I was paid online in the month of May. As usual, click on the images for a larger view of payments. They open in a new window.
I’ll start with Cashcrate, which has been paying me ever since the first month I signed up as a member. Below, you can see my 28th payment for $144.34.
cashcrate payment, cashcrate scam, cashcrate check
Two other sites that I have really come to like are Swagbucks andZoombucks! Both are considered as “get paid to search” sites, and they will reward you for just searching online! That’s right, you can make money online for simply searching as you normally do using Google. However, to maximize your earning potential on these sites, and cash out faster, I would recommend you do other things in addition to just searching. These sites now offer surveys, tasks, and promotional codes, as well as even games where you can earn much more than you would by just searching! But again, it is not mandatory! You CAN earn on these sites just by searching the web, it might just take you a bit longer to reach the redeeming threshold.
Here are the 4 Amazon gift cards I received from Swagbucks in May, for a total of $20.
swagbucks free amazon giftcards
And here are 4 Amazon gift cards I received from Zoombucks in May for a total of $40.
zoombucks sites like swagbucks, free amazon giftcard
Now let’s move on to PayPal payments I received in May!
Here is a screenshot of my payments received via PayPal in May!
paypal money, paypal cash, make money online
In May, I received two “Panel Payments”. These are from Pinecone Research for completing two of their surveys.
You can also see I received several AppRedeem payments, 8 to be exact!AppRedeem is a site that pays those with iPhones, iPod Touch, or iPads, to download free as well as paid apps. These payments were for referring members to their website.
You’ll see a payment from for $23.52 on May 4th. I don’t believe I’ve ever done a review on however, I have been using it for a while. I listed an add for paid advertisement here on my blog, where $5 would get your banner (specific size) on my blog for a week! However, after testing the site for a bit, and cashing out, I decided to pull my ad. Because of all the fees, Fiverr’s $1 for their service, and paypal’s fees, I was coming out with about $3.xx per ad, which is A LOT less than I charge per month. However, Fiverr is a site that ANYONE can use to make some extra cash online and because of it’s versatility, it’s a good site for connecting with potential clients.
You can list an ad for almost ANYTHING, and someone might pay you to do it. Visit for an idea of what kind of ads people list, and what kind of services people are looking for, and you might just find a way to make yourself an easy 5 bucks… well a little less if you count the fees. Even though it didn’t prove to be the best method for me, that doesn’t mean it won’t be for you.
This month, you’ll also notice TWO MaxBounty payments instead of one. This is because MaxBounty recently introduced weekly payments! As long as you meet the threshold of $100 you get paid the following week. So from now on, you might be seeing a couple of payments in my PayPal screen shots from MaxBounty.
There are also several payments from Cloud Crowd which I haven’t used in QUITE some time, but apparently someone that read my blog took an interested and is making quite a decent amount of money there. My small referral earnings must mean they are earning quite a bit more.
You’ll see a payment from McMillion Research for $25, which is really fromMindField Online Internet Panel which I reviewed just a few days ago. If you’d like to read more about this survey panel, read Mindfield Online Survey Panel – Scam Or Legit?
You can also see 4 weekly payments from YouData, which isn’t for much, but it’s an easy way to get paid to click and view ads.
Squidoo also paid me in May for some traffic that has been generated by a few articles I wrote a while back. And this is the good thing with Squidoo, and article sites like it, for many of them, they continue to pay you for the traffic your articles generate over a lifetime, and not just a one time deal. So in the future, it can become a good source of passive income.
The payment from Simple Online Media is from Dollar Click or Sign Up, which is an awesome GPT site with a minimum payout of only $1 via PayPal. It’s a good way to prove to yourself if this is legit. Making $1 on this GPT site is EASY! Then cash out, and see if you get paid. I can guarantee that after you do, you’ll realize that making money online is definitely possible!
You can also see a payment from Squishy Cash, which is another one of my favorite GPT sites. There are tons of GPT sites out there with new ones opening every single day, but I can tell you that Squishy Cash has been around for quite some time, and it doesn’t seem like it’s shutting down any time soon. With a very loyal member base, they are constantly able to offer daily contests and bonuses, and pay out to every single member every month. I definitely recommend them.
And finally, the payment from L___ M___ for $33.68 is for an item I sold oneBay in May! eBay is another easy way to make money online! There are no surveys to complete, etc. Just look around your house and find something that you no longer have use for, and list it for sale on eBay! You’ll be surprised at the fact that what you thought was junk, someone out there wants to pay you money for it! For tips on getting started selling on ebay, read How To Make Money Selling On eBay!
And that was all for the month of May.
All these payments add up to a total of $672.49, and bring my total earnings online to $14,279.11!
I’m not very far away from $15k!
mindfield online scam, internet survey panelsI am always looking for new ways to make money online and a while ago, actually since August 31, 2010 to be exact, I joinedMindfield Online Internet Panel. I am only now writing a review on it, because I decided to wait until I was paid a couple of times, just to make sure it was legit. Like everything that deals with making money online, there are those that swear on their life that it is legit, and then there are others that would put their heads on a block that it’s a scam! Me, I just like to find out for myself by giving it a try first hand. The fact that these survey sites, at least the ones I am willing to try, are 100% free to join, means I don’t have anything to lose other than a few minutes of my time maybe.
Here is my review of the survey panel Mindfield Online.
Mindfield Online is 100% legit and NOT A SCAM, and you will see this by the fact that they have paid me several times since I joined! In fact, look below, and you will see in the screen shot of my account summary, that I’ve earned a total of $46.00 so far with Mindfield Online! You can also see that money came from only 6 surveys having credited!
mindfield online scam legit survey panel
Most of the surveys from Mindfield range in value from $1 to $5, however, every once in a while, they also have studies… which can last over a period of time, but pay more. I qualified for and completed one of these “studies” which was about greeting cards and it lasted over a period of 3 months. Not a very demanding study, I basically just had to record all the cards I purchased and basic information about them over a period of 3 months, and fill it into a diary online. At the end of the 3 month study, they credited my Mindfield account with $25.
This might not sound like a lot of money to MANY people. But for the little effort it took me, that $25 was like free money in my eyes.
Below, you can see a screen shot of my payment history from since I’ve been a member. These are all the times I have been paid by Mindfield Online! You can click on it for a larger view. All these payments were paid to me via PayPal, which is what I requested instead of a physical check.
mindfield online not a scam, proof of payment
Here are some general guidelines and a few Pros and Cons about Mindfield Online.
General Guidelines:
* It is 100% free to join.
* Members must be no less than 15 years old in order to sign up.
* Only accepts legal residents from US and Canada.
* Cashout Threshold (the amount you need to earn before you can request a payment) is only $5 so it can be easily reached.
* Surveys are sent via email often, at least once a day in my case.
* They pay via check as well as PayPal.
* Payments take about a week or two at most.
* Clean and clear layout on the website where you can view everything from your survey history to your payment history.
* BBB Accredited, with a grade A on a scale of A+ to F.
* Available on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, as well as a 1 800 toll free telephone number, in the event a member should have a concern.
* For each survey invite, there is still a qualifying process where by you might not qualify to take the survey. This can be frustrating, but is actually done on most survey sites.
* Takes a while sometimes for completed surveys to credit.
Honestly, those are the only two cons I can find about this survey panel, and those are things you’d find with most survey panels! I’d say Mindfield Online is one of the better internet survey panels to join if you’re interested in taking surveys online for money!
Stay tuned later in the week, I’ll do my total earnings and payment proof post for the month of May.
make money online extra income Won’t we all love to be able to make a living online? Make enough money online so that we could all quit our 9 to 5 day jobs and stay at home with our families and loved ones? It sounds like a dream come true… and to some, like John Chow and Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker, it probably has been!
However, today, after reading some “awakening” news online, I am here to emphasize why making money online should only be an additional income. By this, I mean that you should not depend on the money you “might” earn online to pay for the everyday needs of life. You should ALWAYS have a back-up plan. In other words, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job!”
Now, for many people who are already stay at home parents or are unable to work at a real job outside of their homes for whatever reason, working from home and making money online might sound like the perfect solution. And so it might be… but they should still be aware that nothing is guaranteed online, and while you might make several hundreds or even thousands this month, you are not sure about having those same earnings the following month.
Anyway, recently, there has been a recent change in Google’s algorithm, and many sites have been affected. For those that don’t know what this means; “Google’s algorithm” is the ‘formula’ Google uses to rank sites in their search results. It’s the difference between a site ranking #1 and #10 for the same keywords. There are a lot of theories about this formula Google uses, but no one knows for sure exactly what it is. It is said that backlinks play a major role, however, it is definitely not the only factor that determines the SERP (search engine ranking position) of a site on Google.
Some of these sites affected by this change, include eZine Articles, Suite101, Associated Content, Free Downloads Center, Essortment, American Towns, Article Base, Find Articles,,,, BizRate,, Squidoo, and Hub Pages.
That’s quite a few sites, but there are even more that’s taken a hit. Answer sites like and Mahalo has been cutting costs, which sometimes means laying off workers, and decided to shut down for good. Most of the people that worked on these sites were freelancers, working from home. I am sure several of them even depended on this income to pay bills and put food on their table. Now, all because of a simple tweak on Google’s end, they no longer have this income.
For example, a personal friend of mine was making about $300 per week on LiveWork answering questions! That is almost similar to a full time salary you would earn from a regular 9 to 5 job! However, because this site decided to close down for good, giving their members less than 24hrs notice, my friend is now forced to search for other means of making this income. This is never easy. My friend is a stay at home mom, so this is by no means hear fault! She simply decided to use her spare time at home, while taking care of her kids, to earn some extra money, which is commendable on her behalf. Luckily, she still has her husband who makes a stable income outside of the home, so they won’t starve at least. This was simply her “extra cash”.
Whereas, if someone realized that they were making $300 a week from LiveWork, and decided to quit their job and do it “full time”… because the income was sufficient to cover their bills, then they would probably be shitting their pants right about now, because they would be out of a job.
These changes do not only affect manual workers who contribute to these sites, but because some of us bloggers depending Google’s rankings for traffic… or even have backlinks on some of these article sites mentioned, like Ezine and Squidoo, it can directly or indirectly affect our rankings, traffic, and ultimately, our earnings.
For example, let’s say your blog or website ranked #1 on Google for the term “make money online” (without quotations) and for some strange reason, or change by Google, they decide that your site does not deserve to be #1 anymore and so they move you down to page 5… or even worst, they ban your site altogether from their search results! Sounds too drastic? Well it’s not! It has happened before, where Grizzly Brears, owner of the popular, which held the #1 position for “make money online” (without the quotation marks) on Google for quite a few years, simply vanished from the search results… or the top ones at least! Grizzly’s explanation, was that with some experimenting on his blog, he unintentionally triggered Google’s spam bot, and so his blog got marked as spam and removed from the search results. He didn’t do anything wrong, per say, but so it is with the big “G”! At a moment’s notice, they can find a “fault” and do as they please and ban your blog from their search results and there really is nothing you can do about it. Who will you complain to? Even though this blog made Grizzly quite a decent income, and I’m sure it made Google some money as well since he did use Adsense, Google just didn’t seem to care!
In case you’re wondering, Grizzly never got his site back to position #1, but he has moved to his own namesake domain and continues to teach others about Internet Marketing. He is quite a good teacher too, so I do recommend you check him out if you’re willing to learn. He has also backed up all his posts from his “Make Money Online for Beginners” blog there, so you’ll have lots to read.
Anyway, my point today is, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”. And perhaps, I sorta should be taking my own advice since this is my only money making blog, however, I just really don’t have the kind of time and effort to put into making another one right now. While it is a great thing tomake money online in your spare time, you must take it with stride and know that nothing lasts forever. At the same rate you make the money, you can also lose it all in a split second. Be prepared for the consequences of BOTH situations.